We perform audits swiftly and efficiently. We keep the inconvenience for the business operations of our clients to a minimum.
We think outside the box and – and if requested – provide advisory remarks on the insights obtained from the audit.

Our Services in detail

  • Mandatory audits and voluntary audits of annual accounts
  • Audits of consolidated annual accounts
  • Business valuations
  • Audits under Section 53 HGrG [act on budgetary principles]
  • Special audits under the Aktiengesetz [stock corporation act], GmbH-Gesetz [act on companies with limited liability], Umwandlungsgesetz [act on conversion of companies]
  • Special audits under the MaBV [ordinance for estate agents and property developers], embezzlement audits
  • Audits under the regulations of the KWKG [act on combined heat and power generation] and EEG [act on renewable sources of energy]
  • Due diligence audits
  • Audits of the declarations of compliance for packaging put on the market
  • Audits of allocation of funds
  • Audits of money transactions and money holdings (cash audit)
  • Audits under international accounting standards (e.g. IFRS)
  • Audits of the internal control system
  • Support for corporate sales and acquisitions
  • Special audits under the ordinance for estate agents and property developers,embezzlement audits. forensic investigations
CDA firms in Germany
Thereof have the license to conduct mandatory audits